New Injection Molding Machine for Beta Testing


HTI Plastics Receives Krauss Maffei Injection Molding Machine for Beta Testing

HTI Plastics recently received a new Krauss Maffei Injection molding machine for beta testing. The PX All-Electric arrived on our floor in late January. This is the second time HTI has been selected to host a Krauss machine for testing, with the option to purchase.

“It’s exciting to once again be selected as a testing site for Krauss Maffei,” said Troy Just, President of HTI Plastics. “Testing new technology is part of our commitment to innovation, and our investment to increase our capacity to produce a range of different parts.”

Injection Molding Machine

Krauss Maffei PX 120 Injection Molding Machine arrived at HTI Plastics

This machine has a cleanroom-compatible surface in high-gloss, antistatic design. It has grease-free, chrome-plated tie rods. The PX All-Electric allows for faster demolding with ultra clean sprue pickers, which saves costs over the entire service life. It has enclosed, electric ejector with absolute precision and reproducibility. The parts are handled within the protective housing. This machine is a great fit for cleanroom production requirements.


Since 1985, HTI Plastics has provided high-quality injection-molded plastic parts to customers in the U.S. and overseas, with a strong focus on both responsive expertise and exceptional value. HTI’s knowledgeable team is dedicated to working in partnership with customers to provide innovative solutions and timely deliveries in an atmosphere of continuous improvement. For more information, visit


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