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Share your cleanroom knowledge and experience with millions of people in the cleanroom industry by publishing a press release on Cleanroom Connect and our affiliate websites. Strategic content placement allows your press release story to be presented to the appropriate audiences across our network of cleanroom websites – A proven platform for lead generation and brand equity enhancement.


Why publish your press release with us?

Simply put, we help to distribute your story to the appropriate audience. Our press releases reach the target audience across our cleanroom vertical markets. A press release first tells a story about your cleanroom product, service and/or environment advancement. Secondly, the press release gives you, the author, the notoriety of your story. If it is intended that a company is promoted with the story, we will gladly display the brand of the company for which the press release is describing and produce traffic to your website.

We publish press releases for the following topics

  • Cleanroom Design best practices
  • New cleanroom products
  • Cleanroom market insights
  • Cleanroom problems and how you solved them
  • personal experience with cleanroom technologies
  • Cleanroom design/build projects or case studies
  • Cleanroom trends and news

Press Releases that we like to publish

  • Press Release for cleanroom products or cleanroom components
  • Press Release for cleanroom services and or unique cleanroom offering
  • Press Release for a cleanroom exhibition, cleanroom conference or cleanroom event
  • Press Release for a new cleanroom facility development or new cleanroom construction
  • Articles written by cleanroom professionals, cleanroom manufacturers, and cleanroom engineers
  • Articles written by cleanroom product organizations, cleanroom supplies companies and cleanroom consumables companies
  • New research and development in the cleanroom industry and/or any of the verticals associated, including: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Metrology, Medical Device, Sterile Packaging. etc.
  • Subject matter expertise in the cleanroom industry
  • All the article submissions are unpaid and include links to the cleanroom author’s profile