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Silicon Wafer Shipments Drop to Lowest Level Since Fourth Quarter of 2017

Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments dropped 5.6 percent during the first quarter 2019 when compared to the fourth quarter 2018 and are now at their lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2017 after silicon wafer shipments for the most recent quarter declined 1 percent quarter-over-quarter, according to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) in its quarterly analysis of the silicon wafer industry.

Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales

Worldwide sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment surged 14 percent from $56.62 billion in 2017 to an all-time high of $64.5 billion in 2018, SEMI, the industry association representing the worldwide electronics product design and manufacturing supply chain, reported today.

Clean Energy Grid to Benefit Communities

The PSC filing, including a five-year capital investment overview and detailed one-year plan for 2019, sets forth the projects Ameren Missouri plans to implement to modernize energy grid infrastructure in Missouri to benefit its customers and offer them more tools to manage their energy usage.

Lasers on Silicon Offer a Glimpse into the Future

Ten years into the future — that’s about how far UC Santa Barbara electrical and computer engineering professor John Bowers and his research team are reaching with the recent development of their mode-locked quantum dot lasers on silicon. It’s technology that not only can massively increase the data transmission capacity of data centers, telecommunications companies and network hardware products to come, but do so with high stability, low noise and the energy efficiency of silicon photonics.

QuantumClean® & ChemTrace® Show How to Reduce Wafer Fab CoO at SEMICON Europa 2018

QuantumClean & ChemTrace will demonstrate how its ultra-high purity chamber tool part cleaning, proprietary coatings and microcontamination analytical testing can help reduce wafer fabrication Cost-of-Ownership (CoO). Solutions’ information is available during show hours at SEMICON Europa at the Messe München Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany from November 13 — 16, 2018 (booth A4510).

Transistor Technology Breakthrough Makes Electronics Faster & More Powerful

The researchers created a new technology design for field effect transistors, which are basic switching devices in computers and other electronic devices. Those types of transistors also are promising candidates for next generation nanodevices. They can offer better switching behavior for computers and devices compared with traditional field effect transistors.

Low-Energy Electrons Produced By The Intense Laser Cluster Interactions

The discovery of slow, low-energy electrons produced by the intense laser cluster interactions provides a missing link in scientists’ understanding of the process, and could explain why biomolecules are damaged. Intense laser cluster interactions were known to produce energetic ions and electrons, but now, in a paper published today in Physical Review Letters, researchers have revealed that relatively slow electrons or low-energy electrons are also produced in large quantities.

Lindström India launches India’s first cleanroom facility in Pune

Lindström India launched its second line of business, called Cleanroom services in India to ensure the highest quality hygiene, safety and reliability which is most critical to customers in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industry. Lindström’s cleanroom service ensures hygienic production facilities by providing garments serviced in cleanroom laundries which prevent contaminations during process hereby ensuring complete safety of the products being manufactured.

Semiconductor Industry News

Semiconductor Industry News and Advancements

The Semiconductor Industry is a collection of companies, researchers and engineers who are actively involved in the design and fabrication of semiconductor devices. The semiconductor industry formed in the early 1960’s. Since semiconductors became a lucrative and thriving sector of the microelectronics industry, it has grown to be over $400 billion industry.

Semiconductor Fabrication Companies
Following are some of the larger semiconductor design and fabrication companies across the globe:

Semiconductor Industry News

Semiconductor Industry News

  1. Samsung Electronics
  2. Intel
  3. SK Hynix
  4. Micron Technology
  5. Qualcomm
  6. Broadcom
  7. Texas Instruments
  8. Toshiba
  9. Western Digital
  10. NXP

The semiconductor cleanroom industry produces the controlled cleanroom environments whereby the semiconductor products are fabricated and packaged. These semiconductor cleanroom facilities are often called “semiconductor fabrication facilities” or “Fab”. Our semiconductor industry news brings you recent updates and innovations from companies and researchers who fabricate an array of semiconductor products for different applications.

Semiconductor Industry News Covering all Semiconductor Products

Cleanroom connect curates semiconductor industry news covering a variety of companies and products. The primary developments of Semiconductor Fabrication companies are: Memory, Microprocessors, Commodity Integrated Circuits, and Complex SOCs.

  • Memory: Memory chips store data and pass information between computer devices.
  • Microprocessors: The central processing units that deliver logic to execute tasks for processes in an electronic device or computer.
  • Commodity Integrated Circuit: Often times referred to as “chips”, “standard chips”, or “computer chips”, Commodity Integrated Circuits execute routine processes and are manufactured in bulk to be cost effective and maintain the highest level of standards.
  • Complex SOC: Complex SOC or “System on a Chip” is an integrated circuit chip that also encompasses the capability to execute and run processes. These Complex SOCs can typically match the capability of system.

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