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Pharmagreen Chooses Philips LED Lighting technologies

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. selects Signify as its strategic technology partner and will be utilizing Philips LED Lighting technologies at its Cannabis Biotech Complex for its annual production of up to 12 million Tissue Culture Starter Plantlets for Cannabis licensed producers and high CBD hemp growers

GSK Opens New Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities worth $130m

Multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlyne (GSK) launched two new pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and an expanded production building at its Jurong site. According to GSK, the new and expanded sites will allow the faster production of drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for clinical trials.

New Biomaterials Inspired by Creatures of Nature

The first attempts have launched to bio-engineer protein biomaterials like those found in mussels and tree frogs to yield similar amazing wet adhesion in sealants, coatings, glues, and medical adhesives. Crucial proteins in these animals exhibit unique behaviors and chemical reactivity, and the NYU Tandon School of Engineering researchers are creating hydrogels that borrow certain key features of those proteins: the separation of a solution into two distinct liquids in response to external stimuli, the incorporation of nonstandard amino acids, and patterning, such as the polygonal pillars seen in the toe pads of tree frogs.

Tessy Plastics Clean Room Expansion

Tessy Plastics Corp. announced their expansion of cleanrooms in two of their manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York. One of the plants is the corporate headquarters located in Skaneateles, NY and the other plant is located in Elbridge, NY.

COPD Electronic Inhaler Monitoring

In one of the first-of-its-kind studies, Cleveland Clinic researchers found that the use of electronic inhaler monitoring, in combination with a disease management program, is associated with reduced healthcare utilization in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Integrity Cleanroom new distribution deal with Freedom Sales

Freedom Sales has been appointed as an authorised global distributor for both Antistat™ Inc. and Integrity® Cleanroom product range. Established in 1999, Freedom Sales quickly became an industry leader in Electronic Component Distribution before progressing to a Full Service Global Supply Chain Partner with a global reach that spans The Americas, Europe and Asia with a reputation for exceptional customer service.

TSI Introduces New AeroTrak+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters

TSI introduces a new range of AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) for monitoring manufacturing cleanrooms. TSI is so confident about the performance of the new laser technology inside, that all models are covered by an industry-exclusive standard 5 year laser warranty.

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