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Integrity Cleanroom new distribution deal with Freedom Sales

Freedom Sales has been appointed as an authorised global distributor for both Antistat™ Inc. and Integrity® Cleanroom product range. Established in 1999, Freedom Sales quickly became an industry leader in Electronic Component Distribution before progressing to a Full Service Global Supply Chain Partner with a global reach that spans The Americas, Europe and Asia with a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Reusable Cleanroom Garments, Are they the best choice?

Alsico High Tech is a global supplier of garments for cleanrooms, clean areas, ESD environments and operating theatres. Alsico hightech develops, produces and supplies high quality cleanroom, clean area and ESD garments to rental companies, end-users and specialised distributors.

India Disposable Gloves Market

The growth of disposable gloves market in India is driven by growing awareness about hygiene, disease prevention, and safety among the Indian populace coupled with surge in the number of end users. Moreover, technological advancements in manufacturing gloves and unprecedented growth of the healthcare sector are expected to provide lucrative opportunities to market players in the near future.

Lindström India launches India’s first cleanroom facility in Pune

Lindström India launched its second line of business, called Cleanroom services in India to ensure the highest quality hygiene, safety and reliability which is most critical to customers in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industry. Lindström’s cleanroom service ensures hygienic production facilities by providing garments serviced in cleanroom laundries which prevent contaminations during process hereby ensuring complete safety of the products being manufactured.

Should I Use Reusable Cleanroom Garments?

It’s time to reconsider using reusable cleanroom garments. The continuous washing wearing and sterilization cycles of reusable cleanroom garments constantly degrade the properties of the fabric reducing their effectiveness.

Aseptic Gowning for the Cleanroom

Correct aseptic gowning procedures are of utmost importance to ensure a safe and compliant operation in the cleanroom environment. Particulate is difficult to detect because it is invisible to the naked eye. Contamination is commonly introduced to the cleanroom environment through the people who enter the cleanroom.

How to use Tacky Mats

Tacky Mats help to capture impurities and particulate in areas that require dust and particulate control. Tacky mats have a sticky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they enter a contamination-free area. This adds a layer of protection for the controlled environment or cleanroom environment.

Cleanroom Technology Awards

The winners of the Cleanroom Technology Awards 2018 have been announced. The awards have been introduced to recognize and reward achievements, celebrating the best product innovations from those exhibiting at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018.

Cleanroom Industry Outlook

The global cleanroom technology market is increasing, due to growing demand for certified products that require strict cleanliness protocol. In addition, pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines, injections, and ointments, and medical devices need to be prepared in an environment that is free from microbes and particulates .This has generated the demand for the research and development of aseptic cleanroom technologies, a market that is experiencing tremendous growth globally.

Cleanroom Consumables News

Cleanroom Consumables News and Insights

cleanroom consumables news

cleanroom consumables news

Cleanroom consumables news by industry leading cleanroom consumables companies. The cleanroom design build industry includes companies that offer cleanroom consumables for a variety of different cleanroom production environments and controlled environments.

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