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Pharmagreen Chooses Philips LED Lighting technologies

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. selects Signify as its strategic technology partner and will be utilizing Philips LED Lighting technologies at its Cannabis Biotech Complex for its annual production of up to 12 million Tissue Culture Starter Plantlets for Cannabis licensed producers and high CBD hemp growers

TSI Introduces New AeroTrak+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters

TSI introduces a new range of AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) for monitoring manufacturing cleanrooms. TSI is so confident about the performance of the new laser technology inside, that all models are covered by an industry-exclusive standard 5 year laser warranty.

New Modbus Flow Totalizer for Hazardous Applications

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the ModQ Sentry, a Modbus Flow Totalizer that interfaces with pulse-type inductive turbine (and other) flow meters to provide instantaneous flow rates, accumulated totals and status information. Units are configurable for volume and time settings and offer options to configure the K factor to match the turbine.

Cleanroom Technology Awards

The winners of the Cleanroom Technology Awards 2018 have been announced. The awards have been introduced to recognize and reward achievements, celebrating the best product innovations from those exhibiting at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018.

Single Pass Versus Recirculating Clean Rooms

The decision that will influence the design of a cleanroom air handling system determining the method to use should be made depending of the desired preciseness of your control. If you are controlling temperature and humidity very tightly, you want to use a recirculating system so that once you’ve conditioned that air, you are not letting the conditioned air escape.

New Inline Palletizer

Columbia Machine’s HL9200 is the most advanced and highest speed palletizer in Columbia’s high level, high speed family of palletizers. The HL9200 incorporates industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance levels available in a robust and reliable palletizer that is easy to operate.

EtherCAT Motion Control Products

As a major provider of Industrial Automation (IA) product technology, and a key contributor to the global advancement of smarter & greener manufacturing – Delta has released its R1-EC series remote I/O modules. Delta has a continued focus on expanding the EtherCAT Motion Control Products offering.

Clean Room Particle Counters

Cleanroom Particle counters are used to determine the cleanliness of the room which in effect contributes to the control of airflow. Some cleanroom controls are driven by real time cleanliness monitoring depending on the criticality of the process of which the cleanroom encompasses.

Clean Room Windows Selection

What factors should you consider when evaluating clean room windows? When does provide visibility into a clean room operation without allowing people into the clean room operation. This promotes a cleanly environment and decreases the possibility of contamination.

The most important part of maintaining a clean environment as it corresponds to clean room windows, you want to ensure that there are minimal window ledges in the clean room environment. Ledges are a great place to collect contaminants that could set back your queen room operation.

Cleanroom Components News

Cleanroom Components News and Advancements

Cleanroom Components

Cleanroom Components News

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