ILC Dover Defines the Future of Sterile Manufacturing with the soloPURE™ Flexible Aseptic Isolator


Meet the soloPURE Flexible Aseptic Isolator

ILC Dover LP (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), specializing in the innovative design and production of single-use flexible solutions for global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing, today introduced the soloPURE™ flexible aseptic isolator, a cost-effective, closed-barrier system for sterile manufacturing. With a fully disposable, single-use chamber and a CAPEX-efficient compact design, soloPURE™ represents the future of sterile manufacturing.

ILC Dover LP soloPURE™

soloPURE™ maximizes efficiency and productivity in the cleanroom, reduces costs while expanding capabilities, and mitigates risk through safe and fully compliant features.

soloPURE™ provides a closed, Grade-A, aseptic environment for fill finish activities requiring positive and negative pressures, giving organizations with facility restraints or expensive closed-barrier systems a better way to handle sterile potent powders, including products previously thought to be “out of reach” in conventional barrier systems. This economical flexible isolator delivers performance equivalent to full hard-walled aseptic isolation systems through bolt-on modules for lyophilization that deliver more capabilities without the added expense. Beyond cost savings, soloPURE™ maximizes productivity with a fully disposable chamber, maximizes cleanroom efficiency through a smaller footprint, enhances operator access with double-sided entry, and mitigates risk with integrity testing throughout its lifecycle.

“ILC Dover is proud to introduce soloPURE™ to the biopharmaceutical market and provide significant time and cost savings to processors through effective single-use solutions,” said David Radspinner, President of PharmBio at ILC Dover. “soloPURE™ combines Solo Containment’s rich history in single-use isolators and ILC Dover’s expertise in flexible powder handling solutions to deliver an efficient, economical, and safe isolator that drastically improves workflow and output for sterile manufacturing.”

“soloPURE™ demonstrates both the processing power and sensibility behind single-use solutions, especially for sterile or aseptic processes,” said Martyn Ryder, Business and Product Development Manager at ILC Dover. “The single-use, disposable chamber alone allows for rapid campaign changeover, while its double-sided entry increases productivity. While single-use solutions have eluded aseptic processes for decades, soloPURE™ is here to represent the future of sterile manufacturing.”

soloPURE™ is available with the capability to sterilize in-place with VHP or operate with a single-use, disposable gamma-irradiated chamber. It can be ordered as a turnkey solution with fast delivery. The launch of soloPURE™ supplements ILC Dover’s growing portfolio of single-use solutions for sterile processes and powder transport and hydration, including EZ BioPac®, DoverPac®, and ArmorFlex® Films.

SOURCE ILC Dover, Inc.