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Delta expands its EtherCAT product offering to include Remote I/O modules

As a major provider of Industrial Automation (IA) product technology, and a key contributor to the global advancement of smarter & greener manufacturing – Delta has released its R1-EC series remote I/O modules. Delta has a continued focus on expanding the EtherCAT Motion Control Products offering.

EtherCAT Motion Control Products

EtherCAT Motion Control Products

OEM machine builders can cost-effectively configure their control systems in a more modular fashion without having to sacrifice performance. Being fully conformance tested through the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group), Delta’s R1-EC series remote I/O slave modules are easily connected to any EtherCAT master for high speed deterministic control. The R1-EC Series is designed for faster, real-time precision machine applications with various remote extension modules including: Digital Input (DI) down to 0.1msec, Digital Output (DO) at 0.5A per point, Analog Input (AI) and Output (AO) with 16 bit resolution, and single-axis pulse output to support stepper drive control.

The R1-EC series I/O modules are DIN rail mountable, slice oriented, and include removable “push-and-plug” terminals for simplified wiring and quick installation. The devices have been designed and tested to EMC noise immunity based on ESD, EFT, RS standards (IEC 61131-2, IEC 61000-4-2) and high vibration resistance conforming to EN 60068-2-6 and EN 60068-2-27/29 to meet industrial usage.

“When Delta’s R1-EC series I/O module is combined with the A2-E Servo Drive and MH300 VFD by Delta, a more streamlined EtherCAT based solution can be single sourced”, according to Bill Faber, Director of Product Marketing for Delta Products Corporation. The addition of this product line expands Delta’s EtherCAT offering for deterministic machine control, suitable for applications including: Rubber and plastics, laser engraving, flame cutting, robotics, five-axis CNC machine tools, automatic palletizers, water-jet cutting, and packaging systems.

Demonstrations of EtherCAT machine automation solutions including the R1-EC series modular I/O will be available at Pack Expo 2017 September 25-27. Visitors are invited to booth C3400 of the central building of the Las Vegas convention center.

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More about EtherCAT Motion Control Products

EtherCAT Motion Control Products (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) is an open high performance Ethernet-based fieldbus system that provides high efficiency and good synchronization quality for automation control. With EtherCAT, Delta’s EtherCAT motion control solution can achieve rapid and real-time multiple axes of motion control, and is capable of controlling up to 100 slave stations that enable a 64-axis motion control within 1ms cycle time. It also supports 35 homing modes, point-to-point position control, speed control and torque control. 2 groups of linear interpolation, 3 groups of arc, 2D and helical interpolation can be implemented synchronously.

The IEC61131 SoftPLC under Windows is also provided as one of the optional functions for programming flexibility and ease of scalability. Delta’s EtherCAT motion control solution is optimized for the demanding applications of multiple axes, high speed and high precision for fast, high-performance machine control systems.