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Center for Neovation in Neocity

Intensely focused on the future, the Center for Neovation, formerly known as the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC) was designed and constructed in 24 months.

Cleanroom Technology Awards

The winners of the Cleanroom Technology Awards 2018 have been announced. The awards have been introduced to recognize and reward achievements, celebrating the best product innovations from those exhibiting at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2018.

High Power Semiconductor Laser

The ability to harness light into an intense beam of monochromatic radiation in a laser has revolutionized the way we live and work for more than fifty years. Among its many applications are ultrafast and high-capacity data communications, manufacturing, surgery, barcode scanners, printers, self-driving technology and spectacular laser light displays. Lasers also find a home in atomic and molecular spectroscopy used in various branches of science as well as for the detection and analysis of a wide range of chemicals and biomolecules.

New NYU Tandon Cleanroom

NYU Tandon Cleanroom for Advancing Technology – The NYU Tandon School of Engineering today will preview Brooklyn’s first NYU Tandon Cleanroom for Advancing Technology, where scientists and engineers from across greater New York will fabricate advanced materials and devices on the micro- and nano-scale in order to push the boundaries of established scientific principles and future technology. Such fabrication facilities are essential to experiments in nanotechnology, quantum computing, minute biosensors that could revolutionize medicine, ultra-fast electronics, hardware that is secure from hackers, and much more.

Micron to add new nanofab production cleanroom

Semiconductor giant Micron Technology broke ground in North Coast yesterday to add new cleanroom space for production of its 3D NAND flash memory products. Micron did not disclose the cost, except to say that the new facility will be a “multi-billion- dollar investment”. It will be equipped over the next five years or more and add 1,000 new jobs in Singapore. As part of its agreement with the Economic Development Board, Micron will also broaden its research and development (R&D) capabilities here. The 1,000 new roles it is adding will comprise mainly engineers and technicians related to R&D and manufacturing.

ASU Nanotechnology Facility for startups

The new ASU Nanotechnology Facility is open to students, faculty and staff researchers, as well as government, and industrial partners, the ASU Nanotechnology Facility offers a comprehensive set of tools to develop new micro and nanoscale devices, such as integrated circuits, nanophotonic and solid state devices, micro-electromechanical systems, and microfluidic systems, among others. The NanoFabrication Facility also offers students and researchers some of the most advanced instruments for fabrication and characterization of materials at the micro and nanoscales.

Wenzel Coordinate Measurement Machine

Wenzel has expanded its coordinate measurement machine (CMM) product portfolio with a new entry-level CMM for the production environment. WENZEL’s SF87 has the attributes needed for a shop floor CMM and benefits from an optimum measuring volume of 800 x 700 x 700 mm , its cantilever style configuration providing a very efficient footprint relative to measuring range.

Mobile 3D NAND Flash Memory for Smartphones

The new mobile 3D NAND flash products pack more storage cells into a smaller die area, and by utilizing Micron’s CMOS under Array (CuA), they deliver a best-in-class die size. Micron’s unique approach places all the flash memory layers on top of the logic array, maximizing the use of space in the smartphone design.

New Inline Palletizer

Columbia Machine’s HL9200 is the most advanced and highest speed palletizer in Columbia’s high level, high speed family of palletizers. The HL9200 incorporates industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance levels available in a robust and reliable palletizer that is easy to operate.

New Micro-Electronics Clean Room

Local and state governments invest about $100 million to build a micro-electronics clean room facility at the BRIDG center for advanced manufacturing research near Kissimmee, Florida. The facility is equipped with etchers, lasers, cleaners and printers for the manufacturing of semiconductors from silicon wafers. The new micro-electronics clean room facility will bring a new wave of high paying jobs to the local economy and will pave the road for future innovation in the semiconductor industry for Kissimmee, Florida.

Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility is an ISO Class 5 cleanroom that specializes in advanced lithographic processing of hard and soft materials. The PNF is located in the new Eckhardt Research Center at the University of Chicago. We’re open to all properly trained users through a recharge arrangement.

Cleanroom Technology News

Cleanroom Technology News and Insights

cleanroom technology news

cleanroom technology news

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