How to use Tacky Mats

What is a Tacky Mat?

Tacky Mats help to capture impurities and particulate in areas that require dust and particulate control. Tacky mats have a sticky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they enter a contamination-free area. This adds a layer of protection for the controlled environment or cleanroom environment.

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Tacky Mats, Sticky Mats and Cleanroom Mats… What is the difference?

There is no difference, they are the same and they all serve the same purpose! Sticky mats are typically used in clean room environments, controlled environments and construction sites. The purpose of a tacky mat is to prevent contaminants and particulate from entering the cleanroom environment, typically by foot transmission. Tacky mats are also often used in the exit area of a cleanroom to keep hazardous materials. Typically cleanroom environments’ ventilation systems remove harmful particulate from the environment. When airborne particles are not removed, they tend to end up on the floor or other surfaces. If the particulate in a cleanroom environment is hazardous, it is best practice to ensure removal of the particulate from personnel with a cleanroom sticky mat.

More information about Tacky Mats
Interesting information about Tacky Mats

A 2012 study found that temporary adhesive mats reduced the particle level on shoes and overshoes by 20–50% while permanent polymeric flooring reduced it by approximately 80%, and that adhesive mats released more particles when they were dirtier and when they were peeled quickly. However, sticky mats placed outside the entrance to an operating room or suite have not been shown to reduce the number of organisms on shoes or stretcher wheels, nor do they reduce the risk of surgical site infections.


Tacky Mats Cleanroom

Tacky Mats Cleanroom

Cleanroom sticky mats effectively captures dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the cleanroom environment. Cleanroom Sticky mats have proven themselves effective in a wide variety of industries, including microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Providing a fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering a cleanroom environment, cleanroom sticky mats are an economical and environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for clean room tacky mats that help trap impurities for locations that require stringent dust and dirt control, you’ve come to the right place. Our clean room company directory features companies that sell sticky mats featuring a tacky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they can contaminate a cleanroom. Use the cleanroom sticky mats directory and click on a company below to learn more about their product offerings and to contact the cleanroom service company that is the right fit for your business.