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New Modbus Flow Totalizer for Hazardous Applications

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the ModQ Sentry, a Modbus Flow Totalizer that interfaces with pulse-type inductive turbine (and other) flow meters to provide instantaneous flow rates, accumulated totals and status information. Units are configurable for volume and time settings and offer options to configure the K factor to match the turbine.

How to Clean a Biosafety Cabinet

10 Easy steps to cleaning a contaminated surface in the biosafety cabinet. The biosafety cabinet is a laboratory workspace that ensures safety and cleanliness for both the person operating in the cleanroom as well as the products or materials being handled in the cleanroom. The biosafety cabinet creates a safe environment for working with drugs, chemicals or hazardous materials.

Should I Use Reusable Cleanroom Garments?

It’s time to reconsider using reusable cleanroom garments. The continuous washing wearing and sterilization cycles of reusable cleanroom garments constantly degrade the properties of the fabric reducing their effectiveness.

Aseptic Gowning for the Cleanroom

Correct aseptic gowning procedures are of utmost importance to ensure a safe and compliant operation in the cleanroom environment. Particulate is difficult to detect because it is invisible to the naked eye. Contamination is commonly introduced to the cleanroom environment through the people who enter the cleanroom.

How to use Tacky Mats

Tacky Mats help to capture impurities and particulate in areas that require dust and particulate control. Tacky mats have a sticky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they enter a contamination-free area. This adds a layer of protection for the controlled environment or cleanroom environment.

Single Pass Versus Recirculating Clean Rooms

The decision that will influence the design of a cleanroom air handling system determining the method to use should be made depending of the desired preciseness of your control. If you are controlling temperature and humidity very tightly, you want to use a recirculating system so that once you’ve conditioned that air, you are not letting the conditioned air escape.

Lean Manufacturing in Cleanroom Operations

What is Lean? Lean is a waste elimination methodology that maximizes customer value while minimizing or eliminating waste. Focused on creating more value for the end customer, Lean can be implemented in any business production or business process. A highly relevant...

USP 800 Guidelines

800 Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings Based on the public comments received for the proposed 800 in PF 40(3), the USP Compounding Expert Committee has developed a revised chapter. The USP 800 chapter has been created to identify the requirements for: The...

Lab Safety Information

Laboratory Safety Laboratories are designed to maintain the health and well-being of occupants. Potentially hazardous substances used in different laboratories include chemicals, radioactive materials and infectious biological agents. These materials can be...

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cleanroom design build news

cleanroom design build news

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