Semiconductor Industry News

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New Semiconductor Fab Prepares SK Hynix for Increasing Memory Demand

SK hynix has grown into one of the leading chipmakers in the world through continuous effort to secure a fundamental competitive edge in the fierce semiconductor industry. With the emergence of new entrants and the consolidation of incumbent players, the competition and technological barriers are continuously heightening in the market.

Overhead Hoist Transport Devices Drive Materials in Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

Self-driving cars sit at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the automobile industry, presenting an exciting new opportunity for transportation. While the commercialization of autonomous driving awaits technological refinement and regulation, Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor production lines are already utilizing systems that share similarities with self-driving technologies.

Molecular clock could greatly improve smartphone navigation

MIT researchers have developed the first molecular clock on a chip, which uses the constant, measurable rotation of molecules — when exposed to a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation — to keep time. The chip could one day significantly improve the accuracy and performance of navigation on smartphones and other consumer devices.

X-Ray Experiment Confirms Theoretical Model for Making New Materials

X-Ray Experiment – Over the last decade, scientists have used supercomputers and advanced simulation software to predict hundreds of new materials with exciting properties for next-generation energy technologies. Now they need to figure out how to make them. To predict the best recipe for making a material, they first need a better understanding of how it forms, including all the intermediate phases it goes through along the way – some of which may be useful in their own right.

Manipulating single atoms with an electron beam

An electron beam with sub-atomic precision, allowing scientists to directly see each atom in two-dimensional materials like graphene, and also to target single atoms with the beam. Each electron has a tiny chance of scattering back from a nucleus, giving it a kick in the opposite direction.

Semiconductor Industry News

Semiconductor Industry News and Advancements

The Semiconductor Industry is a collection of companies, researchers and engineers who are actively involved in the design and fabrication of semiconductor devices. The semiconductor industry formed in the early 1960’s. Since semiconductors became a lucrative and thriving sector of the microelectronics industry, it has grown to be over $400 billion industry.

Semiconductor Fabrication Companies
Following are some of the larger semiconductor design and fabrication companies across the globe:

Semiconductor Industry News

Semiconductor Industry News

  1. Samsung Electronics
  2. Intel
  3. SK Hynix
  4. Micron Technology
  5. Qualcomm
  6. Broadcom
  7. Texas Instruments
  8. Toshiba
  9. Western Digital
  10. NXP

The semiconductor cleanroom industry produces the controlled cleanroom environments whereby the semiconductor products are fabricated and packaged. These semiconductor cleanroom facilities are often called “semiconductor fabrication facilities” or “Fab”. Our semiconductor industry news brings you recent updates and innovations from companies and researchers who fabricate an array of semiconductor products for different applications.

Semiconductor Industry News Covering all Semiconductor Products

Cleanroom connect curates semiconductor industry news covering a variety of companies and products. The primary developments of Semiconductor Fabrication companies are: Memory, Microprocessors, Commodity Integrated Circuits, and Complex SOCs.

  • Memory: Memory chips store data and pass information between computer devices.
  • Microprocessors: The central processing units that deliver logic to execute tasks for processes in an electronic device or computer.
  • Commodity Integrated Circuit: Often times referred to as “chips”, “standard chips”, or “computer chips”, Commodity Integrated Circuits execute routine processes and are manufactured in bulk to be cost effective and maintain the highest level of standards.
  • Complex SOC: Complex SOC or “System on a Chip” is an integrated circuit chip that also encompasses the capability to execute and run processes. These Complex SOCs can typically match the capability of system.

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