Gowning Furniture


Global Cleanroom Furniture Market – Key Drivers and Figures

Key cleanroom furniture market highlights

Gowning Furniture

The gowning furniture segment contributed to the largest share of 26.68% of the market revenue in 2016.

Proper cleanroom garments, including hoods, face masks, booties and gloves, help to contain harmful particulate produced by humans. Proper gowning protocol and gowning furniture is essential to operating an aseptic cleanroom environment. Once contaminated, a cleanroom garment can spread the particulate around the controlled environment, harming the production environment. The simplest and most economical approach to solving improper gowning procedures is a correctly designed gowning area, complete with well designed change room products and gowning furniture, that keeps personnel clean and in compliance.

Medical Industry

The global cleanroom furniture market held a value of $673.32 million in 2016. The cleanroom furniture market continues to grow with increased global growth through 2020. The Asian cleanroom market is demanding mass production of cleanroom furniture and components due to extensive production requirements and aseptic modular laboratory needs.

APAC Clean Room Furniture Market

The cleanroom furniture market in APAC is expected to reach 1,203.52 million by 2021 per industry reports.

Global Cleanroom Furniture Market Growth

Global cleanroom furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 5% from 2017-2021

Projected Growth

452.76 mm incremental growth

2016 VALUE

2021 VALUE