Cleanroom Doors Selection Factors to Consider


Cleanroom Doors Selection: What factors should you evaluate

In this brief segment, told by a cleanroom door expert, learn the factors that should be analyzed when making a cleanroom doors selection.

What factors should you consider when evaluating cleanroom doors

Clean room doors are an interesting factor to consider because from a cleanliness standpoint decisions are somewhat easy and that is that in the pharmaceutical or the pharmaceutical clean room system, you are primarily concerned about Cracks and crevices in the doors and how you can get microbial growth in these cleanroom doors areas. but the idea with doors is it’s more influenced by what you need from the entry and exit of people and personnel and materials than how it relates to the Cleanliness level. So what you really want is you want flexibility one of the great things about the wall system is they can mix-and-match door requirements with their wall and ceiling systems so that they’re not dictated by the system you buy as to the door that you need. If you are looking for other companies that offer cleanroom doors view the database of cleanroom doors companies.

Like modular panels for cleanroom development, clean room doors play an important role in the preservation, compliance and safety of your modular cleanroom environment.

Doors for cleanrooms come in various models: swinging, sliding, single or dual-flush, roll-up, or airtight. Even if the basic function for each of these door models remains the same, their differences offer a new perspective in terms of ergonomics and layout. Security, access control, and automatic options are also an important characteristic and function of cleanroom doors. Here are some examples of common clean room door types:

  • Sliding doors
  • Swing doors
  • Airtight doors
  • Automation & Access Controls
  • Guillotine doors
  • Decontamination Airlock

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