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Cleanroom Design – What kind of clean room windows should I use?
What factors should you consider when evaluating clean room windows? When does provide visibility into a clean room operation without allowing people into the clean room operation. This promotes a cleanly environment and decreases the possibility of contamination.

The most important part of maintaining a clean environment as it corresponds to clean room windows, you want to ensure that there are minimal window ledges in the clean room environment. Ledges are a great place to collect contaminants that could set back your queen room operation.

When deciding the type of clean room window to install, be sure to understand the environment and the type of activity that will happen on either side of the window. If you have a clean room environment on both sides of the window, you would want flush mount cleanroom window on both sides of the window to minimize any collection of particulate.

Similarly, If only one side of the window is a clean room environment you can choose to install a clean room window that has one side with a flush mount and the other side with a standard ledge. This is sometimes typical for clean room windows where observers are able to see into the cleanroom operation without following the protocol of typical clean room operators.

When selecting cost effective cleanroom windows for the clean room environment, you can choose to install a single pane clean room window with a 45° bevel on both sides, eliminating any flat areas where dust or particulate could accumulate.