Clean Room Classification & Cost Implications


How does the clean room classification one chooses, affect the cost?

Clean room classification and the costs associated with changes in design parameters. The amount of air changes necessary in a clean room environment will affect the total cost and implementation of the clean room. The number of filters that you will need for proper airflow Filtration and the amount of CFM. Therefore, the air handling component of a clean room accounts for a large. Majority of the critical design choices for the environment.

Clean room Classification and clean room size greatly affects the cost of a clean room, both from a planning and implementation cost perspective, as well as an operational cost perspective. Many customers will come forth with the idea that they will build a larger clean room than necessary – just in case they need the extra space. This often times results in increased operational costs and unforeseen expenses.

If you need a clean room that requires an 8 foot ceiling height, however, you decide that you are going to increase that ceiling height to 10 feet just as a personal preference, you have to realize that this change in ceiling height will account for a larger volume of air handling.

You have to realize that by increasing the ceiling height from 8 feet to 10 feet will increase the amount of air for the same square footage Cleanroom (floor sq footage) by 25%.

These design change considerations should be weighed based on the long-term cost implications. It is important to think about the volume increases that happen when increasing a ceiling height. This increased volume will account for more air, increased filtration and greater use of energy.

What drives clean room classification cost?

Clean room certification programs verify that your facilities perform to appropriate international standards and client specifications. Most certification tests Include documentation of the test results and certification of the rooms and devices tested. An optional, customized formal report detailing test procedures, test results, and comprehensive conclusions of the testing performed should be included to suit your needs.

Clean Room Certification