Choosing Cleanroom Classifications


What factors influence the decision for Choosing Cleanroom Classifications?

When Choosing Cleanroom Classifications for any cleanroom design or construction project, there are several factors that need to be analyzed and discovered to appropriately plan for the cleanroom development. First start by thinking about what size of particulate could be harmful to my process or product. The most important question to ask is, what contamination levels should be scoped for my cleanroom environment? What size particle could present issues in my cleanroom environment and how much air do I have to circulate to effectively keep a clean environment.

A cleanroom environment creates a safe zone where environmental control is adhered and environmental quality matches that of the expectations of the room, keeping the external environment out of the room. The two main contributors to cleanroom contamination are people and process. You must determine what contaminants are created by people and what contaminants are born of the process to identify a solution to those contaminants. This decision will help in Choosing Cleanroom Classifications for your cleanroom environment.

Many cleanroom operators will try to over-garment their people in order to achieve a level of cleanliness that is greater than the cleanroom. This only adds to costs with the consumables that are necessary to properly garment the people in the cleanroom. Air grills and filtration can be strategically placed within the cleanroom to produce “cleaner” areas within the cleanroom.

Cleanroom Design, cleanroom construction and controlled environments are covered in Federal Standard 209E. Federal Standard 209E defines air cleanliness by the absolute concentration of airborne particles. The standard only works for airborne particulate within a controlled environment and is not to be used to characterize the viable and nonviable nature of the particulate.

Choosing Cleanroom Classifications can be difficult and can cost you!

If you’re not careful, you can end up building a clean room far beyond your actual requirements and there are dramatic costs involved with doing that. Consult a cleanroom design and/or cleanroom construction company to appropriately plan for your cleanroom.

It is not advised to create your own DIY Clean Room initiative!