China Medical Device Industry


China’s Medical Device Industry

China’s economic growth is continuing to expand, but the medical device industry is still growing with increasing need for medical device production and innovation. The medical device cleanroom industry has seen a recent boom that aligns to this influx in production in the Chinese markets. The Chinese medical device industry was valued over US$18 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow modestly through 2019, when it should reach over US$23 billion. This models growth presents vast opportunity for the medical device industry also driving significant growth in the development of cleanroom environments for the medical device industry.

Medical device cleanroom industry outlook: strong futures for international cleanroom expansion

The Chinese medical device cleanroom need has created an increase in foreign interest in providing services and products to the Chinese medical device cleanroom industry. The Chinese medical device market has exploded by the increasing demand for high-tech medical device imports to treat chronic and age-related diseases across the vast Chinese population. China’s 5 year strategic plan prioritizes health and innovation, which will improve prospects for foreign medical device manufacturers and cleanroom products and services companies, looking to expand into foreign markets.

Opportunities in the Chinese market:

Chinese medical device manufacturers dominate the domestic market, the focus is primarily on the low-to-mid range devices. Chinese hospitals and healthcare providers more often than not, invest in foreign high end medical devices. Significant demand for foreign-made, high-end devices is also fueled by China’s aging population continues to grow, and the Chinese government pushes to improve the quality of care. As China becomes more sophisticated in their ability to engineer and innovate extraordinary medical technologies, the importation of these technologies will slowly subside and allow for more domestic production and use. The future of medical device production in the Chinese economy will see increased innovation and manufacturing due to the rising health concerns. These medical device companies will capitalize on replacement of domestic devices and will invest heavily into the establishment of cleanrooms for increased innovation and production.