Air Flow Systems in Clean Room Design


What are the different air flow systems used in a clean room design?

There are three types of Air Flow Systems in a Cleanroom:

  1. Pressurized Plenum
  2. Ducted supply and ducted return
  3. Ducted supply and open return

Pressurize Plenum Air Flow System

A clean room design featuring a pressurized Plenum essentially means you pump the air into the Plenum then push it down through the filters then into the clean room.

Ducted Supply & Ducted Return Air Flow System

in the example where a clean room utilizes a ducted supply and ducted return air delivery system, The air is ducted directly into the clean room and the air is then ducted directly out of the clean room. This particular type of air delivery handling design is common place in the pharmaceutical clean room markets where you have very strict air control requirements.

Ducted Supply & Open Return Air Flow System

The ducted supply and open return air handling system is the most cost-effective and operationally efficient means of air delivery. In this example of air delivery you are ducting the air directly into the clean room and then letting the air freely flow out of the clean room into an open air Plenum.
The air delivery system that you choose for your clean room environment is largely influenced by the industry you are serving. Careful consideration over the air delivery system will influence the choice of wall system used in your clean room as well as the air handling components and technology.
Looking for a Clean Room HVAC Company?

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