Modular Softwall Cleanrooms are designed to provide clean environments from Class 100,000 to Class 10 (ISO Standards Class 3 thru Class 8).

Most softwall cleanroom systems are supported by a frame made of structured steel that supports the Ceiling Grid and Clear Vinyl Curtain Wall material. The cleanroom ceiling grid holds the self powered filter fans that draw filtered air from the outside of the softwall cleanroom through prefilters. The air is then pushed through a HEPA filter prior to entering the softwall cleanroom. Filtered air is exhausted from Cleanroom beneath the Curtain at Floor level. Clean levels will vary depending on quantity and configuration of Filters.

All Softwall Cleanroom components are prefabricated and interchangeable modular cleanroom products. These modular products can be installed by the end users or by Softwall Modular Cleanroom Experts.