What is a Hardwall Cleanroom?

Hardwall Cleanrooms are designed to provide a clean, Environmentally Controlled Environment. Clean levels are available from Class 100,000 to Class 1 (ISO Standards Class 1 thru Class 8), with Temperature and/or Humidity control. The standard system consists of a Panelized Wall Structure that supports the Roof and Ceiling Grid material. Filtered air is provided by Self Powered Filter Units mounted in Ceiling that draw outside air through a Prefilter and deliver filtered air through a Hepa filter into Cleanroom. Filtered air is ex-hausted from Cleanroom through adjustable Exhaust Vents near Floor level. Clean levels will vary depending on quantity and configuration of Filters.

All components are prefabricated and completely Modular in design. Packages can be installed by End User or by Hardwall Modular Cleanroom professionals.