Clean Room Sticky Mats


What type of sticky mat is right for my cleanroom?
Clean Room Sticky Mats that are machine washable as well as peel up sticky mats come in a variety of types, sizes and prices. Selecting the appropriate type of mat for your modular cleanroom environment will depend on the type of environment as well as the business purpose. The main reason for having sticky mats, are to remove particulate matter from your shoes, boots and/or cart wheels when entering the aseptic cleanroom environment.

How often should I replace Clean Room Sticky Mats?
The frequency at which you should replace your Clean Room Sticky Mats depends on the amount of particulate in the cleanroom, the people traffic that pass over the mat, the amount of sticky mats in the cleanroom and the size of the sticky mats.

When to use washable Clean Room Sticky Mats?
Washable Clean Room Sticky Mats remove bacteria and particulate from feet and wheels. Washable sticky mats can last for several years and reduce the ongoing cost of replacing peel off sticky mats. Washable sticky mats are most relevant in an ESD (electrostatic discharge) environments. In anti static cleanroom environments, washable sticky mats carry no static charge. The disposable sticky mats build up static when pulling off the layers.

How do you clean washable Clean Room Sticky Mats?

  1. Use a wet mop on the top of the mat
  2. Squeegee the water off of the mat
  3. Let the mat air dry

It is recommended to use only cleaning agents that are designed for sticky mats. With proper care, your sticky mat should last 2-4 years depending on the amount of wear and tear the mat assumes.

Where should I put my Clean Room Sticky Mats?
Sticky mats are most effective inside the perimeter or outside the cleanroom. Common areas include: air showers, gowning rooms, entry ways and hall ways.

Does washable Clean Room Sticky Mats really help the environment?
Yes, Peel up sticky mats may need to be removed and disposed of every 2-4 hours depending on the traffic during the shift. These removable mats contain polyethylene and are not easily biodegradable. Go green and start using washable mats, help conserve our planet and eliminate harmful wastes.