SK pharmteco Announces $35m Investment in Phase 1 of New Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant


SK pharmteco announces $35m investment in Phase 1 of new expansion plan for SK biotek Ireland’s Swords Campus

SK pharmteco (SKPT) a global CDMO, part of SK Inc., is pleased to announce $35m investment for the initial phase of an expansion plan for SK biotek Ireland’s Dublin-based pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

This project will provide a significant increase in site manufacturing capacity and capabilities for its global customer base. The new building will come on-line during 2024, when the Swords Campus will celebrate 60 years as a small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturer; ultimately providing patients with some of the world’s leading therapeutics, including several oncology and cardiology treatments.

Phase 1 of the project will include a new manufacturing building, increasing reactor volume capacity by 26.5 m3, along with filtration and drying equipment, associated utilities, and the capability for additional manufacturing lines and technologies, in subsequent phases of the project.

The new plant will be located on the footprint of a decommissioned production building on site, within close proximity to other site facilities.

The expansion will happen over two phases, with additional funding for subsequent phases. On completion, the expansion will result in an overall 50% increase in capacity at the Swords Campus.

President of SK biotek Ireland, Joyce Fitzharris said, ‘With substantial growth in our business base, this expansion supports SK biotek Ireland’s position as a key contributor to SKPT’s EU and worldwide business.’

This is the second major expansion project in recent years led by Director of Engineering, Martin O’Halloran. In 2020, Swords Campus completed a >$30m, 14m³ reactor capacity expansion, which included additional isolation and drying equipment, solids handling equipment and associated utilities to meet growing demand.

When asked about the latest project Mr. O’Halloran said, ‘…it is an exciting project for the business and for our customers. It will bring additional manufacturing capacity and capability to deliver pharmaceutical products that meet our customer needs and provide benefits to many patients over the coming years…’.

Director of HR, John Keogh said, ‘SK biotek Ireland are actively hiring for scientists, engineers, project managers, quality professionals, and other disciplines. This campaign will ramp up further to support our expansion. We offer exciting, diverse opportunities and encourage candidates seeking a new challenge to visit the SK pharmteco website.’



SK pharmteco is the single customer-facing team comprised of SK biotek Ireland, AMPAC Fine Chemicals, SK biotek Korea, Yposkesi and most recently CBM – The Center for Breakthrough Medicines. Creating substantial market synergies in the API and Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO space by combining highly complementary assets and expertise, this union enables us to provide the highest-quality services to our customers.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities and technology: energetic chemistry, continuous flow processes, controlled substances, particle engineering, high potency – with world-class potent handling capability (down to low nanogram per cubic meter levels). We have multiple cGMP manufacturing and development sites, with ~960m³ of capacity among 6 sites plus dedicated analytical services facilities across USA, Korea and Ireland.

SK pharmteco is a portfolio company of SK Inc. (South Korea) and serves as a strategic part of SK’s growing pharmaceutical sector.

SK biotek Ireland, our facility in Dublin, also known as Swords Campus has been manufacturing API and Intermediates for almost 60 years. For the last 30+ years, Swords Campus has maintained its leadership in the development, scale-up and commercial manufacture of highly potent chemical intermediates and API. SK biotek Ireland can today offer multi-scale plants (from grams to 100s of kg) capable of handling material with Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) ≤ 10 ng/m³.This integrated facility combines manufacturing plants, R&D and QC laboratories within the same building. Through the implementation of a strong safety compliance policy and adherence to high-quality and safety standards, Swords Campus has a proven track record as a reliable supplier of HPAPIs to multiple customers.

Additional information about SK biotek Ireland can be obtained by visiting our website at