New Inline Palletizer

New Inline Palletizer by Columbia Machine, Inc.

Announcing the New HL9200 High Speed, Inline Palletizer

Columbia Machine’s HL9200 is the most advanced and highest speed palletizer in Columbia’s high level, high speed family of palletizers. The HL9200 incorporates industry-leading safety package, ultimate flexibility and highest performance levels available in a robust and reliable palletizer that is easy to operate.

The HL9200 provides the ultimate in flexibility by incorporating new variable lane position technology with Columbia’s proven soft turn case handling and two configurable layer tables to provide accurate and stable layer forming. Columbia’s patented Variable Position Turner (VPT) technology is also available for applications that are enhanced by using drop down cushioned turners. Columbia is the first in the conventional inline palletizer industry to provide an HMI where the operator can create new patterns or optimize existing patterns via the HMI. This combination makes the HL9200 ideal for accommodating all current and future package types and sizes.

Columbia’s industry-leading safety package includes Category 3 electrical safety components with fully integrated upper and lower guarding complete with viewing panels and multiple access doors utilizing a trapped key door access system. This combination of technology and features helps to increase safety and OEE that meets OSHA requirements for Minor Servicing. A patented dual slot automatic hoist pin latching system on the full load hoist provide a redundant fail-safe protection system. Full height light curtains are located on the full load discharge and empty pallet infeed.

Maximum performance is found 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Columbia’s HL9200 while accurately palletizing up to 200 cases per minute (depending on pattern). There are many standard features that make this palletizer the easiest to operate in the industry. Minor Servicing, dropped case detection, Smart Squeeze technology, multi-colored light stack to show machine status at a glance, advanced diagnostics and I/O status screens quickly communicate to the operator the status of the machine.

Columbia manufactures inline high speed, high-level, floor-level and robotic hybrid palletizers, load transfer stations and systems integration. Columbia features flexible, upgradeable designs to speeds over 200 cases per minute. With over 4,000 palletizers in the industry, Columbia is considered to be the leading palletizer manufacturer in North America. All Columbia palletizers are built in the USA and backed by 24-hour customer support and parts service.