Nanotechnology Solves the Problem of Thermal Insulation for Chemical Tanks and Chemical Plant Process Equipment


Syneffex Inc Announces EPX-CHEM™

Finding a thermal insulation that can withstand the highly corrosive conditions of chemical tanks and chemical plant heat process equipment has been virtually impossible. The constant exposure to acids and bases and everything in between wreaks havoc on conventional thermal insulation and severely limits both the lifespan and performance qualities of the insulation.

Effective insulation of process equipment is vital to keep chemicals at a desired temperature, both during the manufacturing process or during storage. The result is that chemical manufacturing facilities have continuous costly maintenance and repair cycles that include constant monitoring for corrosion related failures.

Syneffex has launched a highly chemical resistant thermal insulation called EPX-CHEM. It is a modified version of the Company’s EPX-H2O which was been solving the problem of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) for over a decade. Both products can be applied to equipment in service at temperatures up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit.

This sophisticated formula was used successfully on a six million gallon sulphur tank for Nouryon Chemical and subsequently on steam jacketed chemical reactors and then on tanks used for processing base chemicals at a Siemens Energy joint venture facility. Able to easily withstand any weather, chemical spills, or chemical vapors, EPX-CHEM is simply impervious to these performance destroying conditions.

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About Syneffex Inc

About Syneffex Inc

Syneffex Inc. is a global nanoscience solutions leader. The Company is a subsidiary of Industrial Nanotech Inc, which develops and commercializes new and innovative applications for nanotechnology.

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