Cytiva and Mycenax Biotech Build First Continuous Bioprocessing Lab in Taiwan


Cytiva, a global life sciences leader, has partnered with Mycenax Biotech Inc, a leading biopharmaceutical CDMO company, to launch Taiwan’s first continuous bioprocessing lab. Built within Mycenax’s Research Center, the new lab will enable the company to expand the commercial manufacturing for their first biosimilar project.

  • Mycenax Biotech provides contract manufacturing in Taiwan for medicine makers around the world
  • Cytiva’s automated continuous bioprocess solution boosts manufacturing efficiency and brings accuracy, flexibility, predictability, and scalability to customers

Pei-Jiun Chen, CEO of Mycenax, says: “We have been devoted to the development of continuous bioprocessing since 2017. We have a biosimilar project adopted continuous bioprocessing technology and successfully entered Phase I clinical trial in European Union. This collaboration enables us to provide an innovative platform in the biopharmaceutical industry.”

Yu Lihua, Cytiva Greater China General Manager, says: “According to the Global Biopharma Resilience Index, collaboration can remove the bottlenecks to development and innovation. By working together, Cytiva and Mycenax can expand the lab into a training and demo center, empowering local talent development and bringing a boost to the biotechnology industry in Taiwan. Our companies are excited about this bright beginning.”

In this new lab, Cytiva will provide its comprehensive product portfolio, including Xcellerex XDR single-use stirred-tank bioreactors, ReadyToProcess WAVE bioreactors, ÄKTA Protein Purification Systems, etc., to complete both the continuous process platform and the scale-up manufacturing platform. In addition, OptiRun, Cytiva’s data-driven advisory services will further help Mycenax implement an integrated strategy to optimize its entire continuous bioprocess workflow.

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About Cytiva

About Cytiva

Cytiva is a global life sciences leader with more than 8,000 associates across 40 countries dedicated to advancing and accelerating therapeutics. As a trusted partner to customers that range in scale and scope, Cytiva brings speed, efficiency and capacity to research and manufacturing workflows, enabling the development, manufacture and delivery of transformative medicines to patients.

SOURCE: Cytiva