Manufacturers Join Together for Coronavirus Emergency Building Response


Coronavirus Emergency Facilities Provided by Joint Venture

Working together EbTech Industrial, Element Grow, Linked Enterprises, and Sprung Structures provide finished emergency response buildings to support the coronavirus outbreak.

Together these five companies have put together complex build solutions in response to the coronavirus. Individually they were the best for being the fastest of their building type, together they provide the complete solution within weeks, regardless of the requirements. RPM acts as the quarterback pulling in a team of top North American manufacturers with the specific purpose of delivering rapid deployment Community Response Facilities (CRF) that are designed to meet each community’s critical needs. If the location requires conversion of an existing structure, a large building shell that goes up quickly, or mobile secure steel buildings, together we have it covered.

Coronavirus Emergency Facility

Complex build solutions in response to the coronavirus

Each local coronavirus response is unique. The location, size of operation, available resources and function dictate the requirements. Working together EbTech Industrial, Element Grow, Linked Enterprises, and Sprung Structures provide finished emergency response buildings utilizing the capabilities and specialization of each of our team members. Our team is FEMA Disaster Relief listed and GSA Listed.

Linked Enterprises provides modular mobile steel buildings, EbTech Industrial its pre-engineered steel buildings, mobile steel buildings and modular wall assemblies, Sprung Structures its building shells, and Element Grow its air filtration and monitoring products. RPM combines these products with responsive architects, engineers, contractors and governmental agencies who can act fast to build and design compliant rapid response emergency facilities.

Each Partner brings unique value:

  • EbTech Industrial adds a modular wall assembly capable of quickly building out isolation rooms, hospital space or general living rooms. A global supplier of modular building solutions, applications range from multi-story hardened structures to in-plant offices, SCIFs, data rooms, guard shacks, walk-in coolers, clean rooms, ISO containers, flat-packs and trailers mounted solutions.
  • Element Grow provides comprehensive environmental and air filtration solutions to address the needs of biocontainment and medical isolation facilities. Element Grow’s industrial grade HEPA air filtration systems are plug-and-play ready and easily transportable. They can be regularly sanitized and decontaminated, providing a dynamic, rapid response tool for varying facility needs. An optional onboard monitoring and control system can alert staff of breaks in biocontainment and provide regular reports on the facilities air quality, temperature and more. Element Grow specializes in serving multiple industries with its air filtration equipment including Health and Worker Safety, Hazards Remediation, Cleanroom, Construction, and Food Processing.
  • Linked Enterprises specializes in ISBU modular buildings ideal for isolation wards, isolation housing or low-income housing. For demanding environments such as laboratories, clean rooms, and hazmat storage, Linked custom-builds and installs automated electrical, climate control, ventilation, plumbing, and safety features that meet professional industry standards and local code requirements. Other buildings include vaults, secure storage, freezers, restrooms, commercial kitchens and can be stocked, dropped and operational in a matter of hours.
  • Sprung Instant Structures provides pre-engineered, column free building shells that span 30′ to 150′ in width. Sprung’s energy efficient envelope provides clean room like space that hosts applications from dormitories, administration, dining halls, to ICU wards. An all bolt assembly and aluminum substructure give Sprung the flexibility to be erected fast and constructed on any surface, from parking lots to existing concrete pads. The structures can be rented from the factory for temporary use, but are engineered for indefinite lifespans.
  • RPM Team brings the partners together and acts as a single point of contact for the public agencies, managing project estimation, leading site design, and organizing installation logistics. This centralized approach to design and construction helps reduce vendor coordination and scope gap issues that could normally arise when combining many different prefabricated manufacturers on one site.


We can quickly provide temporary or permanent structures needed to deal with the Coronavirus when and where they are needed. Working together these companies respond to each build with an optimal solution. Because they are prefabricated, they go up quickly and cost less money than traditional builds. Because each partner specializes in an aspect of the building, they are able to collectively provide turnkey solutions that are far greater than the sum of their parts. RPM, Sprung, Linked, Element and EbTech are truly a pre-engineered and prefabricated team.

About RPM Team

About RPM Team

RPM Team is a turnkey program management firm specializing in accelerated project timelines. RPM stands for rapid program management; a delivery methodology created to deploy emergency infrastructure involving a myriad of pre-engineered and prefabricated building products quickly and efficiently. The team behind it provides architecture, civil, structural and MEPF engineering, and procurement, project and construction management services that help expedite the structure-to-site process. Whether it is responding to a health emergency or providing rapid re-housing for a growing homeless population, we have a building solution that will meet the needs of your community.  We are veteran owned and are licensed to work throughout all of North America.

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