Luer Connectors Manufacturing

Luer Connectors Manufacturing Services

Oxfordshire-based injection moulding group White Horse Plastics is extending its reach into the med-tech sector with the tooling and manufacture of luer connectors.

WHP’s ISO 13485 qualification gained last year now enables the company to market its manufacturing abilities to the medical-manufacturing supply chain.

Since 1973 White Horse Plastics (WHP) has specialised in the development and production of tight tolerance technical injection mouldings and sub assemblies – all produced through lean manufacturing principles.

Luer Connectors Manufacturing

Luer Connectors Manufacturing

Innovation consultancy PDD, headquartered in London was tasked by its international client to invent and develop four design variants of a luer connectors device – three straight and the other a Y shaped device. Drawings and CAD data were supplied to WHP together with a materials specification. The focus was finalising the design for multi cavity tooling suitable for future high volume production.

In partnership with both PDD and its client, WHP helped assess the novel and challenging design for manufacture and assembly (DfM&A), before building fully hardened pilot tooling and moulding the parts in a medical grade of polycarbonate for final validation studies. The company also assembled and packaged the finished components before shipping.

Dave Eyles, WHP project manager said: “Tight tolerances were demanded for these intricate medical parts. We moulded, assembled and ultra-sonically welded (two mouldings and a silicone bellows insert) in-house within a Class 10,000 clean room for the customer”.

The company’s recent moves into the medical sector follow a long history in moulding for the automotive industries.

In addition to the new ISO 13485 accreditation, the key standard for suppliers of medtech manufacturing services, WHP also holds ISO9001, ISO 14001, and TS 16949, the exacting standard specifically for the automotive industry.

Luer Connectors Lock Syringe Connectors
Luer Connectors fittings and adaptors are used in applications employing small tubings and syringes. It comes in variety of materials like polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, and PVDF, depending upon the compatibility requirements. Luer Connectors locks and luer slips are two main categories of luer fittings. They are generally used to make sealed leak-proof unions in laboratory instruments and medical devices, eg. luer lock syringe connectors, which is used for joining needles to syringes.

About Luer Connectors

The two main categories of luer connectors, luer fittings are luer locks and luer slips. Female luer lock connectors utilize lugs or threads that engage securely with special threads on the male luer lock fittings. Male lock luers are available in versions with integral lock rings or with rotatable features to permit tubing positioning prior to assembly. A slip luer utilizes the luer taper to provide a secure friction connection; the 6% taper on a male luer engages with the female luer 6% taper.

About White Horse Plastics


White Horse Plastics specialises in the development and production of tight tolerance technical injection mouldings and sub assemblies, using materials ranging from typical commodity polymers through ABS and TPEs, nylons, acetals and polycarbonates, to the exotics.

White Horse Plastics now supports a large number of medical device manufacturers, providing plastic components within the highly specialized medical devices field. Helping to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions fast – WHPs engineers place great emphasis on working with the customer to identify cost saving alternatives, supporting from the development of initial concepts, through optimizing a design for production.

With nearly 40 years experience in injection moulding, White Horse Plastics has a proven track record of bringing customers’ designs from the drawing board to the point of manufacturing quickly and cost effectively.

White Horse Plastics can:

  • Help you every step of the way, from your basic concepts or designs through to the development of the most sophisticated 3 dimensional (CAD) models
  • Provide rapid prototyped samples to bring your concepts to life
  • Develop prototype moulds to prove and test the principles behind your designs
  • Design and manufacture your injection moulding tools – using our onsite sister company Injection Moulding Tools or one of our established, highly experienced suppliers
  • Mould – our 30+ injection moulding machines operate on a 24 hour basis
  • Print, assemble, sonic weld, bespoke pack…

White Horse Plastics’ priority is to facilitate the complete process to help you improve repeatability, quality and productivity, leading to significant market advantage.