Vertical Laminar Flow Benches can be used for many different applications that require a controlled, clean environment at the table top level. These Benches are free standing and self contained with table top work surfaces. Vertical Laminar Flow Benches can be used in situations where it is not feasible or cost effective to build a cleanroom. In many cases, it would be advantageous to use Clean Benches to establish class 100 clean zones rather than build or upgrade a cleanroom.

Clean benches are available with horizontal laminar flow or with vertical laminar flow. Both provide a HEPA-filtered environment that protects the sample from airborne contamination. Clean benches do not offer personnel protection.

General Application Laminar Flow Hood Group
  • Excellent protection of equipment and materials inside the flow bench from particulate contamination
  • Allows for flow hood customization to accommodate a multitude of applications
  • Clean bench filters can be easily changed
  • High airflow capacity
  • Cost effective solution in comparison to cleanroom development – in cases where usage is warranted