IoT Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things otherwise known as IoT is a system of interconnected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are uniquely identifiable and have the ability to create, manipulate and transfer data over a network. These network data transactions are all conducted without  human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The IoT network of interconnected devices is Ubiquitous. IoT will reach far beyond the expected computers and mobile devices. Companies will be innovating and creating new technology, products, infrastructure solutions, and data storage solutions to stay at the forefront of this vast network. The 2018 Semiconductor Market is one that will see continued growth due to the increased need for data storage, memory and speed.

IoT presents reciprocal growth for partnered industries

This world of interconnected devices will bridge all mobile devices, computers, personal devices, home devices, vehicle intelligence, opt-in services and infrastructures. By 2020 the population of the earth is expected to be around 8 billion people. Of this 8 billion people, it is estimated that each individual will have an estimated three devices that are fully connected to this vast network. This accounts for the existence of over 24 billion devices sharing, storing, and producing data across our networks.

The adoption of smart technology has been widespread. This proves that the average consumer is ready for an IoT-driven world. Security vulnerabilities and threats are an ongoing concern, however, are not hindering the growth of the market. Industrial IoT is a key priority for industry-leading businesses and will see even more market growth in 2018 than consumer demand. Those industries that have implemented IoT into their daily processes and operations are seeing significant ROI.

Market Influencers

Industry Applications that are said to have the greatest impact on 2018 Semiconductor Market growth:

  1. Wireless communications
  2. Internet of Things IoT
  3. Wireline communications
  4. Consumer electronics
  5. Industrial
  6. Automotive
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Robotics / drones
  9. Security
  10. Artificial intelligence

2018 Semiconductor Market Growth Opportunity

The below sectors are seen to have the highest growth potential in the 2018 Semiconductor Market.

  1. Sensors / MEMs
  2. Micro-processors
  3. Memory
  4. Opto-electronics
  5. Analog / RF / Mixed Signals
  6. Discretes
  7. Other login

Semiconductor Market Leaders

Top 10 semiconductor companies based on sales. It should be noted that sales are not identical to revenues.

  1. Intel
  2. Samsung
  3. Taiwan Semiconductor
  4. Qualcomm
  5. Broadcom
  6. SK Hynix
  7. Micron Technology
  8. Texas Instruments
  9. Toshiba
  10. NXP


The upcoming year will be full of advances in research and production for the IoT industry. Security is a major factor that will get addressed through new hardware, software and technology infrastructure. 2018 presents significant growth opportunity for the semiconductor and storage markets. Semiconductor companies will continue to spend on capital equipment at historically high levels. Key drivers of expectations for increased investment in equipment include the demand for memory capabilities in smartphones and cloud platforms.

Along with the increase in capital equipment, the semiconductor industry will require expansion in production facilities and cleanrooms. Chip manufacturers will look to expand manufacturing operations including the investment in capital equipment and semiconductor cleanroom environments.