Food Production Cleanroom


Food Production Cleanroom – Striving for utmost quality and cleanliness

Food Production Cleanroom used to produce foods in a controlled and clean environment.

Fresh All Natural Meats from a Clean Room?

Food Production Cleanroom

Food Production Cleanroom

TELFORD, PA., May 7, 2018 — Consumers increasingly demand food that threads a needle. Farm to table balanced with clean labels and long shelf life. Robust flavors; minimally processed in convenient packaging that’s environmentally friendly. Leveraging advanced technology without the image of “factory farming.”

Inside the Food Production Cleanroom

Consumers expect the best, this is why Godshall’s strives to deliver the highest quality of cleanliness to it’s customers. Food production cleanrooms allow for aseptic food production, presenting increasingly low risk for the food production company, Godshall’s Premium Meat & Turkey Products.

That’s the scenario the Godshall’s team had in mind when they started thinking about technology; more specifically, clean rooms. Ron Godshall and his team of R&D and system design experts set about to bring the most modern applied science for cleanliness to the craft of making delicious, wholesome, all-natural meats.

The result is a deli slice line produced and packaged in an environment that offers an unprecedented freshness and care. Positive air pressure, filtered and purified, advanced pharmaceutical grade cleaning methods and a European inspired fresh seal package now deliver flavorful and hearty meats the way you would only have enjoyed before if you lived next door to the butcher.

“We all want the fresh, preservative free, all-natural meats our grandparents enjoyed. But the pace of modern life means we rarely shop every day, we want our purchases to stay fresh and flavorful in our refrigerators. We aren’t altering or adding to the meat, we’re advancing the conditions in which we prepare and pack it.” Explains Godshall.

The practical benefits are many. Drastic reduction of micro-count, longer shelf life of uncured products, a more vibrant flavor profile and longer freshness after opening. Ron will tell you, “Because school lunch packing is a Monday to Friday drill, parents want deli slices that stay fresh all week, as a dad, it’s a benefit I’m passionate about.”

The new line flavors are as exciting as the technology. Favorites like Honey Ham and Beef Pastrami are joined by adventurous choices like Rosemary Ham, Turkey Breast with Harissa marbling, Turkey or Beef Pastrami and basil seasoned Turkey Breast. Best of all, every one of these delicacies are all natural and uncured.

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Source: Godshall’s Premium Meat and Turkey Products

Fresh All Natural Meats from a Clean Room?