Covalent Metrology Announces New FIB-SEM Services with Significant Advances in Imaging Resolution


Covalent Metrology’s extensive roster of industry-leading instrumentation expands to include two powerful FIB-SEM systems from Thermo Scientific: the Helios 5 and Scios

The introduction of two cutting-edge dual-beam focused ion beam scanning electron (FIB-SEM) microscopes at Covalent’s Sunnyvale, CA headquarters will provide clients faster, deeper, and more advanced analytical capabilities.

The Helios 5, provides superlative resolution for enhanced measurement and visualization – with specialized features particularly beneficial to clients’ characterizing devices or complex nanostructures. The Scios has comparable ultra-high resolution with immense adaptability to accommodate challenging materials: including samples previously untenable on an electron microscope. Its potent charge neutralization system enables full dual-beam manipulation and imaging of magnetic samples, and enables imaging at pressures well above vacuum. These capabilities pave the way for unprecedented applications opportunities for geological, biotech, and biomedical research, as well as metallurgical testing in the auto, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Covalent Metrology

Covalent Metrology Announces New FIB-SEM Services with Significant Advances in Imaging Resolution

Dr. Jeff Sullivan, V.P. of Metrology Partners, comments: “We are thrilled to be able to serve our clients’ most challenging electron microscopy needs with these two complementary systems.” Customizations on each tool have been adapted to confer significantly clearer images and more accurate measurements on a broader range of sample types. Dr. Sullivan continues: “With these instruments in house, we can deliver more advanced FIB-SEM analysis and tackle previously impossible measurements, now faster than ever before.”

In addition to the advancements in imaging functionality on each instrument, both are equipped with new scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) detectors and state-of-art energy dispersive spectrometers for more accurate element detection. Augmented with a suite of advanced automation tools for tomography and TEM sample preparation, they can each support more affordable, expedited electron microscopy analysis with substantially improved performance.

Craig Hunter, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, states: “With the installation of the Helios 5 and Scios, Covalent takes the next step forward in its mission to provide clients with cutting-edge data at ever faster turnaround times.”  Covalent’s technique and services portfolio is one of the most expansive in North America.  With the addition of the new electron microscopy techniques announced today, the company is now offering over 100 analytical techniques and services.

About Covalent Metrology

About Covalent Metrology

Covalent Metrology is a disruptive analytical services laboratory and platform based in Sunnyvale, California. Its mission is to help companies who use advanced materials to get better data and insights more easily and affordably to facilitate faster development and production. Covalent is dramatically changing the characterization and imaging landscape by combining transparent pricing, data platforms, and top-notch customer service with world-class scientists, state-of-art tools, and strategic partnerships.

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