Controlled Environment & Cleanrooms


What is the difference between the terms clean room and controlled environment so much shame requirements of controlled environments

Some of the same requirements of a controlled environment are similar to the requirements of the clean room. Controlled environmens’ requirements often times just don’t go as far as a cleanroom’s requirements.

If you are looking at designing, developing and building a controlled environment you have to consider the fact that the area has to be segregated so therefore you have to build it separately. It has to maintain temperature so you have to have an environment by which you can maintain temperature so it’s got to be an insulated panel and it’s got to maintain pressurization so that you can keep the outside environment from getting in to the environment.

Controlled environments are buildings in which all food and drinking water are supplied and ambient temperature, humidity, air movement and light provision are controlled.

In parallel, you have to do this for CMM rooms or packaging rooms where you need some of the features of a clean room but not all the features of a clean room. Similarly, you don’t wanna pay for the features that you don’t need. So any type of controlled environment is going to have a controlled temperature, sometimes a controlled humidity but in a lot of instances it doesn’t even need to control humidity. If the environment truly needs to be segregated, the room will need to be pressurized.

Finally, in many cases of controlled environment design and planning, you don’t use the most expensive and elaborate products. Instead, use the less sophisticated products rather than the higher-end products that are used for the pharmaceutical clean rooms and the semi conductor or microelectronic clean rooms.

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