ClassOne Technology Opens New Technology Development Center


ClassOne Technology Opens New Technology Development Center for Technology Demonstrations and Process Development

Newly expanded capabilities address the exploding demand for electroplating and wafer cleaning equipment from the compound semiconductor manufacturing market.

ClassOne Technology, a leading supplier of wet-process semiconductor manufacturing tools, today announced the relocation and opening of its technology demonstration and applications laboratory. Formerly located in ClassOne’s Atlanta, Georgia location, the Technology Development Center has been relocated to Kalispell, Montana, site of ClassOne Technology’s engineering and manufacturing facilities.

The new 2000 ftraised-floor laboratory—triple the size of the previous incarnation—is now among the preeminent facilities of its kind in the markets that ClassOne serves. The new Class 1000 cleanroom has been facilitized for both acid/base and solvent applications. ClassOne has installed a variety of world-class wet-processing and metrology tools to facilitate rapid development and accelerated technology demonstrations for existing and prospective clients and has begun taking orders for process analysis and development work. Chief among these are ClassOne’s Solstice wet processing platforms, which lead the compound semiconductor industry as the lowest-cost, highest-quality single-wafer electroplating platforms available for up to 200mm substrates.

Of even greater significance, however, is the lab’s world-class staff. With a combined experience of over 125 years in virtually every aspect of semiconductor wet processing, ClassOne’s Technology Development Center (TDC) has the depth of experience and breadth of expertise to handle every process challenge, from problem diagnosis to sophisticated process development. The TDC team has been carefully assembled with industry experts in plating, wet etching, cleaning and solvent processes and serves customers who are themselves at the forefront of increasingly fast-paced technology introduction.

John Ghekiere, Director of the ClassOne Technology Group, says, “Technology demonstrations have become a vital part of the sales process, and we’ve expanded our lab to accommodate the rapidly-growing demand for our electroplating and wet-process tools. I’m so pleased we’ve been able to assemble this team of true experts, and this state-of-the-art facility gives us the freedom and flexibility to rapidly develop unique, leading-edge solutions. Co-location of the lab here in Kalispell provides us with convenient access to our engineering and manufacturing teams and enables us to provide robust, rapid-response solutions for our customers.”

“This is an important milestone for ClassOne,” said Byron Exarcos, CEO of ClassOne Technology. “Our Solstice electroplating platform has become the tool of choice for the compound semiconductor and other emerging markets, and demo requests are growing rapidly. Our new Technology Development Center is perfectly positioned to allow ClassOne to meet those requests quickly and efficiently while keeping pace with growing market demands.”

About ClassOne Technology

About ClassOne Technology

ClassOne Technology, headquartered in Kalispell, Montana, develops and provides innovative new wet-chemical equipment solutions, including electroplaters, spin-rinse-dryers, spray solvent tools, and more. The company’s tools are specifically designed for budget-conscious users of ≤200mm substrates, many of whom are in emerging markets underserved by the larger equipment manufacturers. Based in Kalispell, Montana, ClassOne Technology offers decades of experience from industry veterans dedicated to the tradition of delivering advanced performance and quality for much less. Because of their unique affordability, the company’s tools have been described as delivering “Advanced Wet Processing for the Rest of Us.”

ClassOne Technology

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About ClassOne Equipment

Sister company ClassOne Equipment (, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is long respected as the industry’s premier provider of refurbished major-brand processing tools, with thousands of systems installed worldwide. The company supplies turnkey equipment solutions that include state-of-the-art refurbishment, warranty, installation, service, support and spare parts.