Center for Neovation in Neocity


Center for Neovation

Intensely focused on the future, the Center for Neovation, formerly known as the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC) was designed and constructed in 24 months. The new Center for Neovation name reflects its position as the anchor NeoCity. The new home of BRIDG is based in a 109,000-square-foot building that is 54 feet tall and has two clean rooms – one is a Class 1,000 clean room and the other is Class 10,000 clean room. It is only the third facility of its kind ever built in the United States.

  • A 3.5 feet wide elevated waffle slab was implemented to support complex research tools and minimize vibration. The elevated waffle slab is 6-million pounds.
  • 7,000 tons of stone were placed in the buildings foundation to minimize vibration. Vibration can destroy sensor.
  • The building is planned to have one hundred and forty air changes per hour compared to the standard of eight to twelve air changes per hour. This air change is equivalent to 3 million cubic feet of air per day.
  • The clean room facility’s temperature is kept at 68 degrees – plus or minus a half degree.
  • NeoCity has 350 acres available for future development.
  • State-of-the-art exhaust and ventilation systems will reduce potential pollutants to 1,000 particles a 1/2 micron or larger per cubic foot. Normal air typically carries about 35 million particles.
  • The facility will house innovative research tools each valued between $2 million and $150 million.
  • Installation is a very tedious task, costing almost half of the cost of the tool.

NeoCity advances beyond traditional research park development patterns by creating a progressive place in Osceola County, Florida, that connects people with the community and surrounding natural landscape through a walkable and urban framework.

About the Brands


ICAMR (International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing and Research) is the former name of BRIDG. In mid-2016, a rebranding initiative was launched with a Florida-based branding agency to strategically position BRIDG for increased opportunities involving federal grants and industry alliances. The new brand, BRIDG (Bridging the Innovation Development Gap), was formally revealed January 17, 2017. BRIDG manages and recruits research partners to the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center.

The FARM > NeoCity

The NeoCity brand also was announced on January 17, 2017. The county owns the 500 acres land free and clear, giving it the ability to move quickly in efforts to develop its vision for the master-planned site. Florida is poised to fuel the next disruptive market explosion. NeoCity is strategically positioned for university + industry collaboration. It is locally connected to worldclass institutions, amenities and infrastructure.

About BRIDG | Bridg

On one side, researchers and theorists forge bold ideas. On the other, industry stands ready to deliver those ideas to the world. BRIDG provides the connection between.

This non-profit consortium accelerates the manufacturing development of emerging technologies and sparks tomorrow’s innovations by providing holistic solutions to bridge technology and capability gaps across multiple fields. Service areas include research, development, and commercialization for advanced technologies in smart sensors, imagers, advanced devices, and 2.5D/3D chip integration. Once complete, BRIDG will be located inside of the FAMRC facility at NeoCity.