Aseptic Workstation


Leading bioprocessing institute to use Bioquell Qube aseptic workstation

Aseptic Workstation

Aseptic Workstation by Bioquell

The latest generation isolator was installed at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) based in Dublin, Ireland, this February. The Bioquell QUBE, a flexible aseptic workstation, is now up and running to assist with continual professional development at this leading institute for the life sciences industry.

From order to installation, it only took Bioquell 12 weeks to provide this state-of-the-art technology to the Institute. NIBRT is a global center of excellence which replicates a modern bioprocessing plant and offers the biopharma industry a unique opportunity to access top-level training and research facilities.

The modularity of the Bioquell Qube allows a bespoke solution for the end-user. In this case, Bioquell manufactured a Qube M19 for NIBRT’s fill-finish lab. The Qube M19 is a four-glove aseptic workstation with two glove separated decontamination unit and a material transfer device. It is fully integrated with rapid Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) Vapor decontamination to deliver ISO5 / Grade A conditions.

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Watch the video of the installation of the QUBE M19 at NIBRT here:

Innovative Qube M19 Technology

Michael Wood, Bioquell Ireland’s Life Sciences Sales Representative, said, “The training courses provided at NIBRT are an excellent insight into the biopharma industry. The Institute is an exceptional facility hosting the latest in biopharma technology. Bioquell are delighted to sponsor the installation of the Qube at NIBRT and we look forward to introducing new Bioquell technologies to NIBRT in the coming years.”Commenting on the relationship with Bioquell, NIBRT’s Director of Projects, Killian O’Driscoll remarked “NIBRT is delighted to be partnering with Bioquell on their innovative Qube M19 technology which will further enhance NIBRT’s ability to provide market leading training and research solutions to our biopharma clients”