Ecofibre Publishes Study on Hemp Derived CBD

by | Nov 17, 2019

Ecofibre, Ananda Health Division – New Study Suggests CBD May Reduce or Eliminate Opioid Usage & Improve Quality of Life Measures

EcofibreEcofibre Limited (Ecofibre, Company) (ASX: EOF, OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: EOFBF) today announced publication of the results of an 8-week study on Hemp Derived CBD (CBD) in the Journal Postgraduate Medical and Hospital Practice.

Dr. Alex Capano, Chief Science Officer of Ecofibre’s Ananda Health business in the United States, said, “Ninety-seven patients completed the study, all of whom had been using opioids for over a year to manage chronic pain. Some patients had been using opioids for decades.”

“Ninety-four of those patients added Ananda full spectrum hemp extract (softgels) to their treatment regimen, and in just 8 weeks:

  • 53% reduced their use of opioids
  • 94% reported improvements in quality of life indices, specifically sleep, pain and/or mood.”

“The sleep and pain score improvements were statistically significant using two validated measurement instruments, the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the Pain Intensity and Interference Scale.”

“Ananda Full Spectrum Softgels were well tolerated and demonstrated an excellent safety profile.” A full copy of the study is attached.Ananda Health Logo

Dr Capano added, “Outside of survey studies, this has been the largest study on the use of CBD to reduce the use of opioids in the treatment of chronic pain.”

“It’s also the first study on CBD and opioid reduction to identify key data points, such as hemp extract doses, delivery method, and specific cannabinoid content. Most participants used a relatively low dose of 30mg of CBD per day, whereas other studies on CBD have tested very large doses, 10x or 20x that amount. Lower doses of CBD mean reduced risk of side effects and improved outcomes.”

Ecofibre Limited Managing Director Eric Wang commented, “This study is part of an ongoing program of work by Ananda to improve our understanding of how CBD can help improve people’s lives.”

“While the results of the study are very important, and in many ways unique, it’s really another stepping stone and resource to continue improving our understanding of the benefits of CBD.”

“Our intention not to create another pharmaceutical drug, but rather to continue building the data needed by regulators, doctors, pharmacists and consumers to help educate themselves.”

Full Study Results Here:

SOURCE Ananda Health

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About Ecofibre

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